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Thoughts of a Teenaged Twin

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  2012.11.21  22.15
Final Entry

Something small to end Kaoru's Journal.


Something was off.

He hadn’t opened his eyes yet, not wanting to see what else Avoria had pulled. Were there flying chipmunks around, now?

Every day upon waking up in Avoria, Kaoru had been able to tell when something weird was going to happen. It was electricity in the air; Laoru getting agitated, maybe?

...Weird. He hadn’t remembered Laoru the day before.

But, focus. Focus, focus, focus. What was off? Something was different; the air was too still; the birds were actually singing, and Hikaru was still sleeping—

--Hikaru. He’d come back? Kaoru snapped his eyes open and rolled to the side, facing the back of his brother’s head. His heart leapt. So Hikaru was back! Great, he couldn’t wait to tell him about that idiot lady who wanted proof of his identity and ownership over their store.

He frowned when he noticed that the sun was creeping up their bed. It had always risen on the other side of the house, in Avoria. Had Laoru gone and changed the way the sun rose, just to screw with everyone’s minds? Kaoru wouldn’t put it past him.

Deciding to let Hikaru sleep while he figured out what Event was happening this time (it couldn’t have been anything too big, because he couldn’t hear the screams from the Academy), he slipped out of the bed with a yawn. He wouldn’t go to school today, not on the first day Hikaru was back. It would be like a Christian eating meat on Good Friday.

He started to hum as he trod over to the window, his pants sliding down slightly as he moved. Today was a good day. He could have just about anything thrown at him, but it wouldn’t matter, because Hikaru was back. Now if Laharl would hurry up and get back so that they could mess around with him again, life would be perfect.

Upon reaching the window, he grabbed the side of the curtains to pull them closed, catching a glimpse of the other mansions as he did so. He had already turned around before his brain caught up with his eyes.

...There were mansions. Other mansions. That weren’t on a hill.

Mansions. Laoru wasn’t that generous, and they hadn’t had any wars recently to be rewarded for fighting in. It wasn’t like it was the birthday of that baby that was born, and no-one was having a wedding, so...

...Why were there other mansions in Avoria? Maybe he’d seen wrong.

Deciding that yes, he must have seen wrong, he spun back around and flung the curtains open again.

And his mouth hit the floor.

The neighbour’s gardener was tending to their front garden, as he did every Thursday morning. Further down the line of mansions, he could see some children splashing in a pool. Iron gates, clean walls, and a large school in the distance that he knew was Ouran...

...Hikaru hadn’t come back; he had. And apparently, when there were no Hitachiins in Avoria, their mansion went too. (Which was perfectly fine by Kaoru. He hadn’t liked living in their vacation home near Karizuwa.)

He was home. Home. He tried the word out on his tongue. Home. He let out a whoop and ran towards the bed, jumping on it and landing on his brother.

“I’m back~!” He sang, squeezing the lump of Hikaru. Pure elation was soaring through his veins, a broad grin spread across his face. He’d wanted this for over a year, and now he had it, and one small part of him wished that Hissy-chan and Roze-kun were here, too, but that didn’t matter because he’d find some way of tracking them down. Hissy was supposedly a Shinigami, so all Kaoru had to do was find a dying person and get them to pass on a message, right? And then Hissy could travel to wherever Roze was.

It occurred to him that Hissy may not have even been in the same world, but he perished the thought. What did it matter? He’d find them one day, even if it meant going to Avoria again.

But for now, he had Hikaru – who was muttering complains about a sore back and how he missed Kaoru and all, but could he please move so that he didn’t suffocate? – and their bed and their mansion and – his heart leapt – Ouran High School and its Host Club.

He’d missed the Host Club, almost as much as he’d missed his brother. It would be great to see them all again. Tamaki, Haruhi, Kyouya, Hani, Mori — even Chika and Satoshi and those little brats that adopted Tamaki.

He rolled off of Hikaru and lay on his back, grinning stupidly up at the ceiling. Not five seconds later he was receiving a similar treatment to the one he’d given Hikaru, but with a lot more kisses and laughter.

He was back, he was home, and for now, everything was perfect.


This LJ won't be used for any other RPs, but I'll make random private entries every so often so that it doesn't get deleted from LJ. I had a lot of fun playing with everyone, and if you ever want to contact me, my AIM is ElleBrat, MSN is virtually_defined@hotmail.com, and LJ is rinoa_h_c_l. Feel free to add me to whatever, whenever.

-The Brat


  2007.11.11  11.22
[I'll let it pass, and hold my tongue. And you will think that I've moved on.]

Looks like it was extended somehow, but it I guess the magic finally ran out.

I'm sorry for not going to your shop, Miss Yuuko, but I hope that the maid reached you with the alcohol. I wasn't sure which you preferred, so I just picked things out at random.

I've decided that it's better for me to learn to live without Hikaru now, than in a few year's time, when it's too late. And even if he were brought back here, he wouldn't be happy.

...Not that he'll be happy back home, without me, but at least he'll have the Hosts there.

And until the day Avoria decides to bring him back, I'll work on bringing the business back to what it was in our world, so that we won't have to worry about it failing and people wearing ugly clothes and stripes.

So if anyone needs clothing, shoes, or accessories to attend this new dance with, our store is located near the amusement park. Those of you from the same Japan as us may have heard of the Hitachiin clothing line - well, it's here! A few of our family's old designs, as well as our new ones, are available. If you don't like what you see, then we also custom-make clothing.

In the mean time...

...Has anyone been to Maztak?

Mood: cynical

  2007.11.01  08.01

What, nothing for Halloween, Avoria? Not even little skeletons in the street?

Come on, do something! Get some demons, hire a huge monster that will devour us all--bring Envy back! Actually, no, don't do the last one.

...Just do something, you stupid world.

((One thing I have to thank the manga for is emo!Kaoru pictures. With a large dash of emo!Hikaru - ha, take that, fans who think Hikaru will drop Kaoru for Haruhi!

...I said nothing. >->;))

Mood: restless

  2007.10.31  08.03

The business needs models again.

Anyone good-looking who's not opposed to wearing different clothes and having pictures taken? Lemme know. Pay can be negotiated. All staff get a discount on Hitachiin brand clothing.

And I never thought I'd write this, but...

...If anyone is looking for a place to stay, because the dorms at the Academy are too small there's a mansion on top of a hill. You can't miss it - just look up and it's there. In case you're unsure, it has "H" on the gates.

Ask the security for Hitachiin Kaoru, and say that you're there for accommodation. You'll need to sign a contract saying that you won't kill or destroy anything, but once you've signed, you won't need to worry about buying your own food or clothes, cooking your own meals, or doing your own laundry. Unless you like doing those things, in which case, weI'll be happy to hire you as a maid~!

Instead of offering the mansion to strangers, I should probably just move back into the dorms.

But they're so... empty small. Tiny. Not even a third of the size of one of our closets.

At least there's noise here, and our snakes. Poor Tono II looks lonely, Kyouya II's been ignoring him in favor of the baby snakes.

...I'll name the babies when Hikaru gets back, definitely. I can't let them wander about without names for too long, or I won't be able to tell them apart.

Hey--I don't remember signing up for "Defense Against Supernatural Creatures"! And where'd Fashion Design go? My timetable was re-arranged without my knowing. Dammit.

Mood: blank

  2007.10.27  08.10

Halloween's coming up, isn't it?

I don't think I'll wear a costume this year.

I've gotten rid of all the mirrors in our room, just until he comes back. The background looks lonely, is all.



  2007.10.25  08.08

...I've misplaced Hikaru, apparently. Or he went home.

If anyone's seen someone who looks almost exactly like me, can you remind him that we live in the mansion?

And if he's gone home... It'll only be fair, right? I left for a while, and came back. This place is just messing with us. He'll be back soon.

[[Strikes illegible]]

Mood: anxious

  2007.10.18  09.20

Okay, owner of this body, kindly tell me where you are and please avoid the hot springs.

Hopefully, it'll be someone decent. If it's not, and my body comes back in bad condition, I'm going to hire some hitmen.

[[Strike illegible.]]

Mood: frustrated

  2007.10.12  06.53

You suck, Crazy Other World. Next time, try sending me home for more than a week. And send Hikaru with me.

...And now I get to walk all the way from the Academy to our house, with a sore head, because this place is out to get us apparently I haven't mastered the art of not injuring myself after I travel between dimensions. Great, fantastic.

I haven't even been here for an hour and I want to go home.

Mood: Fail.

  2007.08.10  21.49

. . .

No t ha p py



  2007.07.08  11.38

I want to verb your noun.

If you love a man, let him go. If he comes back, he forgot his sandwiches.

I called your boyfriend gay and he hit me with his purse.

If they can put one idiot on the moon, why can't they put them all up there?

Never be impressed by a man sporting victories, unless he's won a three-legged race on his own.

There are some people I'd take a bullet for, and others I'd put a bullet in.

My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing.

Hissy, this one's for you - A bit of lusting after someone does wonders for the skin.

We fake cried on our 18th birthday. We thought 17 was such a nice age. You're young enough to get away with things, but you're old enough, too.

I want a sandwich named after me.

Some people say that we must be terrible people, but it’s not true. We have the heart of a young boy in a jar on our desk.

Commit the oldest sins, in the newest ways.

Boredom is a great motivator.

The 11th Commandment - Thou shalt not get caught.

Twincest is only immoral if you have morals. Which we may have a few of; we just need to get them out of their box.

If at first you don't succeed, burn the evidence. We did.

Our purpose in life is to set a bad example.

...I'm still bored.

[[Hissy's strike = buhleeted]]

Mood: bored

  2007.07.06  21.40

One month. Good time to send us home, Avoria. We don't want to be around for our one-year anniversary.

You can always bring us back after a few years. You know, get some new people in, new entertainment - heck, you can even go back and get those red-haired twins who copied us. We won't mind, really. We know that they'll never be as good as us.

Come on, we're ready to leave!

...I can dream, right?

At least this place has no laws against incest. Or homosexual marriage. And it doesn't have those annoying people, or all of the Hitachiin family businesses, or our Host Club, or the new staff who still need to learn the ropes, and it doesn't follow any of the laws of nature.

No coffee that's too hot, no pressure to take over the business, no threat of having to merge businesses, no school reunions, and we get to turn into children whenever the fountain floods.

And water flies.

Can't see why we'd ever want to leave for icky, predictable home with its high-speed internet and cell phones and expensive cars. Could've picked a better time to turn us into children. We had no idea what we were doing to each-other.

Edit: I swear I wasn't the one who put the idea of marriage into their minds.

Mood: aggravated

  2007.06.27  11.20

Soup, you need to be nicer to your boyfriend. He's working for us now, and we can't have him throwing fits because you're being a jerk. If he breaks anything of ours because of you, you'll be the one who has to pay us back.

And Hisoka already took the nickname "Hissy-chan", it wouldn't be fair to give it to Naruto instead.

Still waiting to go home, Avoria.

Mood: bored

  2007.06.26  15.03

...Hikaru, don't look out of the windows. It's bad for our health.

In under two months, we will have been here for a year. I think it's fair that we get to go home, now. We're ready to leave at any time! Feel free to drop us back home the day before our 19th birthday, Avoria. And then we can come back and not be as screwed up.

But I don't want to go home and then come back and forget Hissy-chan. He didn't forget us, so we shouldn't forget him.

And Roze...

Hissy-chan, Roze Ritsuka, you have to come home with us. Old Man can come, too. And Haruhi, if you get back to your version of our world before your eighteenth birthday, make sure that Nekozawa-senpai isn't hiding underneath the couch before we move it.

Maybe if we click our heels and say "There's no place like home", we'll get sent back.

((He's hopeful, but not too much so. He just wants to be away from Avoria while the akuma are running around.))


  2007.06.22  23.52

Electricity, I will never take you for granted again. Where's that game? I'm sure we had a few lives left...

Hikaru III escaped, but he's probably in one of the kitchens, near the stove. I've asked the maids to keep an eye out, and even went and looked myself whoever's supposed to keep the fifth floor clean isn't doing their job, but we haven't found him yet. Haruhi, Laharl, if you see him around anywhere, let me know. ♥

No, wait. Nevermind, one of the maids found him in the laundry room.

[Filtered to Haruhi]

You alright?

Mood: content

  2007.06.19  16.04

I'm bored again. We can't even see the pieces of the commoner's games we have, and of course we can't play any of the video games.

Can't design anything - Mother tried, and if the crashing was any indication, she messed it up - can't prank anyone until the power-destroying things are gone, and can't have a sleepover to tell ghost stories.

I'm tempted to bring back one of the mutated STDs, but we're not that bored. Where are all the interesting people when you want them? We'll even settle for Casanova-kun.


I'm bored.

I guess the glitter pens weren't as dead as I thought.

Mood: bored

  2007.06.12  19.52

...As soon as the power comes back on, I'm going to get Mother to find someone to install a separate power unit for our house.

Speaking of houses, what's going to happen with Draco's? We should buy it and make him pay double if/when he returns.

And why is there thunder? We don't even have electricity to turn on our CD player. I'm going to strap pillows to my ears if it keeps up.

Laharl, you'd better not be banging things against the wall to make loud noises. Hikaru and Kaoru look like they're ready to eat a small demon overlord, and I'm sure they won't mind sharing.

Where's Haruhi?

...Really, why do we have to use candles? We're going to burn the house down by accident at this rate.


Thunder's too annoying when we're not pranking anyone. At least lightning has the decency to look nice. All thunder does is give everyone a headache.


...Have we got any small bandage-things? We really need to get the edges of our bedside tables sanded down.

And I still want to know where Haruhi is.

Mood: Ow. >_>

  2007.06.05  08.52

It's the announcement you've all been waiting for!

This Saturday, June the 9th, will be our birthday. As we'll be nineteen, it's also the day of our wedding. ♥

Everyone is invited, and gifts from you to us are recommended. If you don't come, you owe us.

The wedding ceremony will be held in the gardens of our house, and the birthday party will commence soon after. The whole thing starts at 12:00pm, but we'll start letting people in at 11:00am.

Please dress neatly, food and drink will be supplied. ♥ And we aren't preparing any of it, so nothing will be poisoned or otherwise inedible.

[Filtered to Hikaru, Haruhi, Tamaki, Hisoka, Old Man, Kyouya, Matt, Laharl, Laoru, and anyone else the twins talk to in a friendly manner on a regular basis. ('Cause that means they tolerate you, y'know.) Heck, even people they tease lightly. Like... Hissy-chan and Old Man type teasing.]

Our drivers will pick you up at 12:00pm on Saturday, and will take you to the location that we'll be at. Dress however you want, Mother will be making sure nobody at our house does anything bad.

Don't tell anyone. ♥

Mood: excited

  2007.06.02  13.35

Draco isn't around to ruin anything. We win, again. We told him that he wouldn't be able to come to any of our parties.

Mood: energetic

  2007.06.01  07.14

One day less. Our clothes are ready, the flowers are going to be delivered one day before, and I finally convinced Mother that I'm not wearing a dress.

She still wants a mixed religion ceremony, though. I'm not sure what to think of mixing Shinto and Christian, and adding in her own "touch".

Mood: excited

  2007.05.31  08.38

January, February, March, April, May, June...

Only what, eleven more days? Or is it ten now?

((I didn't realise until I went to bed last night, and thought of the needles for the cervical cancer vaccine that we're getting at the end of certain months. XD;;

Reason why Kaoru doesn't know if it's eleven or ten; I don't know whose timezone we're going by. It's the 31st here, so.))

Mood: excited

  2007.05.24  22.15

Geeze, stop over-reacting. Those were laxatives bought from the pet store specifically used for worming dogs, and we even watered down the dose. If anything made the dog sick, it would've been the wine and wasabi. But three of those balloons are waiting for someone to open the door to Draco's room, and the fourth is rigged to hit whoever opens the second cupboard from the right in the kitchen.

We're mean, not evil.

Mood: blah

  2007.05.23  17.36

[Filtered to Hikaru and Haruhi]

Are you ready? We need to wake Laoru up before we start setting things up, so that he'll stop being so cranky.

And! If we don't make this amusing, we have to prank Sasoup. Because anything that happens to 'Soup is funny. But we'd really rather not get killed, so, Haruhi, if it comes to that, we're hiring you. He hates you less.

...And if anyone sees anything that looks even remotely strange or dangerous - yes, Haruhi, that includes a dog walking around without an owner - let the others know.

Mood: calm

  2007.05.22  09.42

Laoru, you up yet?


  2007.05.21  14.11

I figured out the catch.

Other than making us slowly go insane with the horrible decorating, Avoria is planning on making the teddy bears come to life and sing children's songs until we all go deaf.

EDIT: Hikaru, basement. Now.

EDIT 2: Haruhi, you can come too.

EDIT 3: Tono can come if he promises not to have dirty thoughts about our snakes.

EDIT 4: [Filtered to Hikaru and Haruhi]

Alright, we have the water balloons and the water. We can't do it at night, because dogs bark, so we should do it while he's in class. I think he has exams this week, so it should be easy enough.

Don't forget; if someone catches us, we're helping him take care of the lawn by coming up with new and exciting ways to get his dog to do it for him.

And we may need to postpone it if Avoria does something weird.

((Danny-mun, is it all right if the twins + Haruhi prank Danny? Just tying water ballons up around Draco's house and hanging feathers from them so that Shadow pops them, nothing too big and mean.))


  2007.05.19  21.54

...Why are the buildings--

No. I don't want to know. Forget I said anything, I'm going back to sleep.

Mood: ...

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